Virginia Maestro is a Spanish singer / songwriter who became well known after winning the televised singing competition called “Operación Triunfo”, a Television program similar to the “X Factor”, in 2008. Soon after, she was signed to Sony BMG and released her debut studio album called “Labuat” in 2009 which reached No. 2 on the sales charts in Spain in just a few days. A great success for Maestro.

In 2011, Virginia released her second album “Dulce Hogar” after changing her stage name to Virginia Labuat. Iñaki García, a renowned Spanish musician, was the artistic producer of the album and Virginia the co-producer of the songs. The first single of this album, “The Time Is Now”, in just a few hours reached the No.1 on the iTunes charts and No.8 on the sales charts in Spain. “Dulce Hogar” hit the top 10 of the best selling albums in Spain and jumped to No.1 of most downloaded albums and videoclips on iTunes. Virginia toured all around Spain for months with this album which let her to perform in London, after winning another contest “Be the Sound of the Taste of Spain”. That same year, Virginia Maestro received two nominations for “Best Spanish Revelation Artist” and “Best Videoclip” from the “40 Principales Awards”, one of the most important music award ceremonies in Spain.

The third and last studio album that Virginia released under Sony BMG was called “Night and Day” in 2013. This album included 22 songs written by Virginia in english with a renewed musical style. A mixture of rural folk, soul and jazz under the influence of American pop from the 40s, 50s and 60s. The first single, from this album “Dream Man”, and its videoclip reached the No.1 on iTunes and the album also hit the top 5 on the best selling albums in Spain.

In 2015, Virginia Maestro parted ways with her record label and decided to launch a crowdfunding campaing to release her fourth studio album on her own. She changed her stage name from Virginia Labuat to her real name Virginia Maestro, and released “BlueBird” in October. The new 11 songs album are full of her old American musical influencies and her distinctive voice. The BlueBird’s Tour first stop was in Nashville, Tennessee where she performed and met some renowned artists in the Americana Music Festival.

Virginia Maestro has already performed in many other countries such as, France, UK and Colombia. She has also played as an opening act for singers such as Beyoncé, Jamie Cullum and Seal when they toured in Spain. Last year, she shared the stage in two concerts with the 2013 winner of the Latin Grammy, Gaby Moreno in Spain.

Nowadays she is touring all around Spain and is very excited to share her music with everyone everywhere.